Monday 12 September 2011

the legacy is on link below for the Belper Art Trail 2012 legacy site.

i've added images from the art trail to the corridor arts facebook page and set up the next legacy blog for the Belper Art Trail 2012. the details of artist's works pictures can be seen here.

this blog is pretty much reached it's intended state of legacy.

the new Belper Art Trail 2012 blog can be found here.

Monday 5 September 2011

Belper Art Trail 2011, venues.

we've added images of the venues that took part in this year's trail.  

after the summer holidays, work starts on concluding this blog and thoughts turn to future endeavours...

Monday 18 July 2011

monday morning feeling.

i met nansy this morning to install her work in the oxfam shop. kings street felt very morning after the day before, the memory of the energy present in the street yesterday leaving me feeling lost and out of sorts.

while at the food festival yesterday i felt there was something missing, some connection between the trail and the festival on the day.

i'll sit with the feeling for a while.

Friday 15 July 2011

we now have the final descriptive sentence for the art trail...

In the 2011 pilot year, we have 9 artists across 7 venues, a peripatetic work and a performance.

the snee snaw in the art trail

we've been able to add a snee snaw performance to the art trail. it'll take place in the belper river gardens on sunday 24th from 2pm till 4pm.

for more info about the snee snaw: click

Wednesday 13 July 2011

house keeping and invitations

i've been feeling a little 'behind' with the trail organisation for the last 10 days and i'm pleased to say that today i am feeling on top of it all again. the penultimate work is being installed tomorrow and the final piece will go in on monday, the double booking of that last shop meaning there is a delay, oh well, no worries.

on the corridor main website the guide and map are available to download. both are formatted for smartphone useage. the thinking behind it is that after say downloading at home or out and about, the smartphone can become a source of information about the artists and what venues are in the trail. chris has done such a lovely job with the map, including the essentials like where to get coffee and cake.

the downloads are available here...

this afternoon we've set up a facebook event to promote the trail, so far there is just over 1,100 people who now know that the trail is happening now. we urge all of you to invite your friends too...spread the word ! let's experiment into seeing how many people we can all get to know about the trail via social media. the great thing is they will be able to download (for free) the Art Trail guide. so even if they cannot make it to Belper, they can find out about the work and the people taking part...

Tuesday 12 July 2011

The Trail takes shape

yes indeed the trail is taking shape very nicely thank you. yesterday was the main installation day. just a couple more left to install, as a result of finding another shop after the empty shop became unavailable and the double booking of another window.

there are images of the works installed on the blog. to see the full effects of the paintings in the gas showroom, you need to be in the showroom. this actually goes for all the works, you really need to see them for yourselves to appreciate how they all look in situ.

we've struck up an accord with sally in the gas showroom, she's very impressed at the level of work being dispayed, to the point that she's contacting the belper news to do a feature.